Hi, I'm Başak. 👋

Here's how to pronounce my name: B-aa-SH-aa-k

I'm a mom, wife, founder, engineer and ice-cream lover living in the Netherlands. I have a passion to create projects for children, healthy body and mind, founding businesses, creativity and learning.

What I'm working on

Currently I am building Apparent in public. (Follow my journey on Twitter)

Apparent is an online service for parents (of 0-5 year olds) to build healthy parent-child relationships with less than 5-minute daily listenings.

I have a newsletter The Apparent Letter, nurturing parents with ideas from mindfulness, psychology and neuroscience. Subscribe here.

My personal brand

I absolutely love learning.

I don't believe in having one path in life. With an industrial engineering BSc, an organization studies MSc, and an ex-investment banking career, I have worn several hats in academic and professional life. I like to blend knowledge and move in zig zags.

The common denominator of all of my hats is I adore businesses and human systems. I love building something, and I love building something that builds that thing.

I believe that my skills are worthwhile only if they give life to my passions.

A little background

I was born in Istanbul, went to American Robert College of Istanbul, then studied Industrial Engineering, topping all up with an Organization Studies Master's in the Netherlands.

What's in the future?

I've recently started making YouTube videos. My channel is dedicated to 2 main things: mental health and parenting AND my journey as an entrepreneur and creator.

I'm also working on my personal website Basak.co.

Will start posting articles on how I solve the struggles of building things. I am excited to encourage people who have just started or considering to start building some day.