Hi, I'm Başak. 🙋🏻

Here's how to pronounce my name: B-aa-SH-aa-k

I am a mom, wife, founder, engineer and book-lover living in the Netherlands. I was born and raised in Istanbul and have a distinct passion for children, body & mind wellness, building businesses, creativity and learning.

What I'm working on

I absolutely adore systems, specifically those that are made of humans. I love building something, and I love building something that builds that thing.

Currently I am building apparent.today in public and sharing my struggles and how I solve them in my weekly newsletter Founding Blocks.

A little background

I was born in Istanbul, went to American Robert College of Istanbul, then studied Industrial Engineering, topping all up with an Organization Studies Master's in the Netherlands.

I don't believe in having one path in life. I move in zig-zags and give chance to all my interests. I'm building a personal brand that communicates my passions to the world through different projects:

Apparent: Helping parents of 0-4 year old children build healthy parent-child relationships, through 5 minute listenings, a blog and a newsletter.

Founding Blocks: A weekly newsletter sharing the common struggles at the very first stages of founding a business. Aimed at people who have just started or considering to start some day.

Wellness Wall: